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Since 2014, MOUVAL® is proud to have collaborated on projects with

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3D Services

Product Videos

Transform concepts into captivating visuals, bringing your product’s story to life with a dynamic 3D product launch video.

Explainer Videos

Simplify complex ideas into engaging visuals with a 3D animation explainer video, making understanding effortless.

Unreal Experiences

Dive into unparalleled realism with tailor-made Unreal Engine environments.

Next-Gen UEFN Solutions

Embrace the future with cutting-edge Unreal Engine features and interactivity.

Precision 3D Modeling

Craft detailed and accurate models that perfectly represent your vision with our specialized 3D modeling services.

Photorealistic Rendering

Showcase your products for e-commerce, advertising, and virtual showcases with top-tier 3D rendering services.

Welcome to MOUVAL.

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Immersive Case Studies

Byton Augmented Reality

As a direct supplier of Byton, we made the official Byton App for the CES in Las Vegas in Partnership with XR-Professionals.

The Byton App allows users to virtually explore and configure Byton cars in a three-dimensional, interactive environment.

Users can customize various car features, such as colors, options, and accessories, and then view their personalized Byton vehicle in augmented reality, providing an immersive and engaging experience

NIU Instagram Filter

Facebook and Instagram have been offering companies the opportunity to create their own AR filters since 2019.

We specialize in creating custom filters, including the official NIU scooter filter. Clients benefit from increased visibility, creative brand expression, making their marketing efforts more effective and engaging.

  • Enhanced brand engagement
  • Viral potential for content
  • Creative brand expression

BMW Car Creator

In a landmark collaboration with Epic Games and AlphaFlare, we’ve brought the BMW iX2 into the interactive universe of Fortnite. This cutting-edge project redefines user engagement and showcases the capabilities of Unreal Engine Fortnite Network (UEFN).

Montblanc Social Animation

The Mont Blanc and Bitteschoen TV collaboration brought to life a captivating 3D animation of a Mont Blanc pen for Instagram.

Showcasing the pen’s elegance and precision, the 3D product launch video successfully engaged the audience, highlighting the pen’s exquisite craftsmanship and the artistry behind it.

Sido Mama hat gesagt

I’m really proud to have worked on the graphics and AI design for Sido’s music video ‘Mama hat gesagt.’ Sido was one of my favorite stars when I was a kid, and working with him nearly 20 years later is a dream come true. The song is all about believing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


We are MOUVAL®, a team led by Damian Mathew, specializing in 3D services like modeling, texturing, rendering, and animation.


We offer 3D modeling, texturing, animations, and virtual & augmented reality experiences, serving various industries such as automotive, architecture, and entertainment.


Our mission is to provide high-quality 3D solutions, helping clients effectively visualize and showcase their products and designs.


We start projects by gathering detailed information about the project’s purpose, audience, requirements, timeline, and budget to create tailored solutions.


Based in 🇺🇸Texas and 🇩🇪Berlin, we operate globally, connecting with clients through the internet.


We began as ‘Damian the 3D Guy’ in 2014 and have since evolved into MOUVAL® LLC, growing through our YouTube channel and community engagement.

message us at hello@mouval.com

Pricing Table

Pricing tailored to your project’s unique needs – our rates flex to match your specific requirements, ensuring a custom-fit proposal for every client.

Product Rendering

Starting at


  • Product Rendering: Create eye-catching and realistic product images optimized for online sales.
  • Tailored for e-commerce platforms like Amazon
  • Multiple Angles: Showcase your products from different perspectives to provide a comprehensive view.

Product Animation

Starting at


  • Duration: Up to 15 seconds of animation.
  • Features: Includes more complex movements, multiple product angles, and simple effects.
  • Delivery: High definition output.
  • Suitable for detailed product showcases or instructional animations.

Premium Product Animation

Starting at


  • Duration: Up to 30 seconds of animation.
  • Features: Advanced animation techniques, including detailed product interactions and complex visual effects.
  • Delivery: High definition or 4K output.
  • Perfect for comprehensive product demonstrations & marketing campaigns.

Automotive Case Studies

Bentley Infographic

“The Anatomy of a GT3,” featured in the Bentley Magazine, presents our detailed X-ray rendering that reveals the intricate craftsmanship and engineering inside a Bentley car, emphasizing our commitment to blending artistry with precision for an exclusive audience.

Audi Configurator

Our Automotive Beauty Production services transform technical precision into automotive artistry

  • Backplate Rendering
  • Environment Modeling
  • Configurator Logic

We provide a complete solution for your automotive visualization needs.

NASCAR Team Wraps

At MOUVAL®, we had the privilege of showcasing our expertise by creating striking visuals for the team wraps on the Camaro NASCAR.

IndyCar Series

At MOUVAL®, we proudly partnered with the IndyCar Series to create stunning stills and dynamic cinematic animations. Our work captured the essence and thrill of IndyCar racing, showcasing our precision and creativity in action.

Automotive Modeling

Our modeling service specializes in creating highly detailed 3D models for various industries, with a strong focus on automotive design.

Our expertise ensures that the final models are not only visually stunning but also optimized for real-time applications, making them ideal for game development and beyond.

MAN Virtual Reality

Experience the MAN Truck Configurator on HTC Vive: a virtual reality journey where you customize your MAN truck. Change colors, alter lengths, and see your design choices come to life in real-time.

Immerse yourself in the future of truck customization.

Environment Scans

We offer specialized environment scanning and HDR image creation for cars, utilizing advanced LiDAR technology for precise 3D renders. Perfect for showcasing vehicles in stunning, photorealistic detail.

message us at hello@mouval.com

Damian Mathew | Founder

Damian is the front face of MOUVAL®. Damian’s specialty is working as a Technical Artist, thanks to his widespread knowledge from coding to realtime-3D to photography tasks. Known for reinventing the wheel and usually coming up with brain-blowing ideas, Damian excels in creating 3D product videos that captivate and engage. Typically, Damian is in direct client contact and manages all major company-related tasks, ensuring that every project benefits from his unique blend of creativity and technical expertise.

Albert Mensah | 3D Art

Albert, also known as the ‘Natural Art Freak’ on YouTube or as we affectionately call him ‘The Albert Einstein of 3D’, is a born 3D Artist specialized in modeling and creating stunning 3D product videos. It’s a mystery where he unearthed his talent, but it’s an undeniable fact that he is one of the finest 3D Artists I have ever encountered. Albert’s primary role involves managing our team of 3D Artists, as well as leading and lending his expertise on any 3D related tasks, ensuring that each project is infused with his remarkable artistry and technical prowess.

Giorgio Dessì | 3D Art

Giorgio, our ‘Da Vinci of 3D,’ is an outstanding 3D Artist known for his abstract and creative 3D Visualizations. Hailing from Italy, a country celebrated for its art and creativity, Giorgio brings a touch of Italian flair to every project. His natural talent and deep understanding of 3D art make him one of the best artists I’ve ever met. Giorgio’s main role is to use his amazing skills to ensure each project showcases his unique artistry and technical expertise.

Maxim Boichenko | 2D Art

Maxim, also known as Russel Brunson Jr., is our graphic design guru and a connoisseur of 3D product videos. Starting at MOUVAL® as a 3D Artist, Maxim’s journey soon shifted towards ‘selling 3D’ as his primary focus. Now fully dedicated to marketing and client acquisition, Maxim expertly blends his deep knowledge of graphic design and 3D artistry with sharp business acumen, ensuring our unique 3D solutions capture the right audience and make a significant impact in the industry.

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We Specialize in Product Animations.

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